Who Is Doma In Demon Slayer? Powers Explained

Demon Slayer needs no introduction. This is an extraordinary modern-era shonen anime and manga series. The world in Demon Slayer is divided into two parts. One is for humans and Demon slayers and the other one is for Demons.

We are talking about a specific demon today who is the second most powerful member of Twelve Kizuki. Yes, we are talking about Doma.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on Doma Demon Slayer and everything there is to know about him. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

Introduction: Who Is Doma Demon Slayer?

doma in demon slayer
Rank 2nd (Upper Six)
AffiliationTwelve Kizuki
AgeMore than 133 Years old
Height 187 cm (6’1½”)
Weight 86 kg (190 lb)
Credits – Fandom

Doma (also known as Douma) is a major antagonist in the Demon Slayer anime and manga series. He is Lower Rank Two (formerly Upper Rank Six) of the Twelve Kizuki. Doma serves as the primary villain of both Red Light District Arc and Dimensional Infinity Fortress Arcs.

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Backstory Of Doma

Backstory of Doma

From the moment he was born, Doma was seen as an unnatural being by both his parents and followers within his Eternal Paradise cult, due to his polychromatic eye colors.

But more than this, he became a sociopath who showed little emotion and saw those around him as naive worms desperately seeking redemption from Doma.

His mother murdered his father after discovering he was cheating on her when Doma was still a child. After that, she committed suicide. But Doma remained unfazed by the deaths of both of his parents probably because of the trauma he was carrying inside.

At twenty-one, Doma met Muzan Kibutsuji who bestowed him with power and transformed him into a Demon. To atone for his sins, Doma began eating people, women in particular to gain forgiveness; believing that those whom he consumed would live forever with him.

As the leader of the Eternal Paradise cult, his cult never exceeded 250 members to avoid identification.

Appearance Of Doma

How did doma look in demon slayer?

Doma is a big muscular male with platinum hair and rainbow eyes (though some panels show him as blonde). Two is written across both his eyes symbolizing his rank in the upper-six second most powerful demon, as well as having blue nails that appear to match.

He typically wears red clothing, with his head covered by a hat. Additionally, he’s wearing white pants with gold belts.


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What is Doma’s Personality In Demon Slayer?

Doma's personality

Doma greets everyone with a smile, yet his kind disposition conceals an ulterior motive. He claims to have feelings for his fellow demons and even sheds tears on Akaza’s death, but Doma truly has no feelings for either individual.

Doma had no human emotions as an individual but took advantage of this by deceiving others and trying to hide his true feelings and deceiving others without anyone knowing.

He appears not to feel the pain, though he occasionally shows signs of wanting it – showing an apparent desire for it. When asked by Muzan Kibutsuji about possible punishments for his incompetence, the man seems to show some enthusiasm when contemplating potential outcomes.

Skills and Abilities

Skills and abilities of Doma

Advanced Regeneration Abilities

When Akaza struck him both on the lower jaw and head, he instantly regenerated himself without effort – even declaring that it had been meant as a kind gesture.

Unbelievable Endurance

Doma never showed even the slightest sign of discomfort, pain, or fear after being wounded. He remained composed and unflappable as if nothing had ever happened.

Devouring And Absorption

Doma has the unique ability to fully absorb and consume an entire human body. This remarkable ability has allowed him to live off of nothing but flesh for centuries.

The Wilted Hanging Garden

Doma moves his fans quickly, creating many small but sharp attacks in rapid succession.

Freezing Fog

Doma’s fan-created wind gusts produced clouds of ice particles that quickly froze objects in their path – including human lungs when inhaled.

Doma Lotus ice

Lotus Ice

Doma created various Ice lotuses as weapons and traps for his enemies. He also uses multiple strikes of ice and snowfall to cut into his opponent’s flesh, leaving behind only scars.

Arctic White Princesses

Doma creates two humanoid female characters from ice, blowing cold winds similar to Freezing Fog but covering a wider area. He also uses a technique called Wintry Icicles in which he creates multiple ice spears which impale his targets from far away.

Lotus Vines & Crystal Prince

Doma unleashes a hailstorm of lotus petals-shaped chunks of ice that slice his enemies to pieces. He creates miniature Ice versions of himself to fight his foes.

He can create up to three replicas at once, each possessing the same powers as Doma himself and used for performing one of his Blood Demon Arts.

Hoar Frost Waterlily Bodhisattva

It is Doma’s most powerful Blood Demon Art technique. He constructs an immense Bodhisattva Ice statue to take on and eliminate his targets, capable of unleashing freezing winds which can quickly freeze anyone to death.

Weapon Used By Doma

Weapon used by doma

Doma possesses an array of Japanese War fans made of his own flesh (similar to other weapons made by demons), which serves as his primary weapon and helps spread the Blood Demon Art.

They are razor-sharp and ideal for his style of fighting which involves cutting or slashing swords with ease while producing massive gusts of air.

Furthermore, these fans have proven incredibly strong and capable of withstanding many sword slashes as well as strikes without breaking under high pressure.

Doma’s Blood Demon Art

Doma blood demon art


Doma possesses an incredibly powerful cryokinesis. He can create frost and ice using blood and his flesh, then manipulate it with ease while unleashing powerful ice techniques.

This power allows him to manipulate nature around him with ease. Furthermore, the ice created by Blood Demon Art is highly toxic to those who breathe it as it causes cells in the lungs of victims to die and makes them incapable of breathing rapidly.

Doma is an expert at his Blood Demon Art, capable of crafting structures made out of ice such as frost lotuses, stalagmites clouds of air, and ice copies of himself that replicate his techniques.

Doma has also demonstrated how he can utilize the ice he creates to create additional attachments, such as when he made ice vines that he used to hold himself to the ceiling while using his arms to tackle Shinobu.

Doma often employs her expertise in cryokinetics by combining his Tessenjutsu with frost and ice to enhance his attacks on fans. He prefers using techniques from his Blood Demon Art to craft frost lotuses as well as crystal-like shards made of ice.

Final Words

Doma is a magnificent being and a mighty demon who is responsible for many deaths in Demon Slayer which are yet to be disclosed. We are going to move forward in a very interesting story arc with the Demon Slayer Season 3.

That was all for our article on Doma Demon Slayer and I hope you liked the article. Let me know in the comments what you think and share your views on this.

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Did Doma Ate Inosuke’s Mom?

Yes, Doma ate Inosuke’s mom. In her final moments, she apologized to Insouke for failing to protect him and leaving him alone.

Who is Doma in love with?

Doma accepted that the first emotion he felt was love, after seeing Shinobu and finding her cute. Doma was in love with Shinobu.

Is Doma Inosuke’s father?

This is not clear as is not disclosed in the manga, but there are some possibilities that say this.

How old is Doma in demon slayer?

Doma is more than 133 years old in Demon Slayer. He has been alive for all these years by eating humans.


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