This Wasn’t My Plan Spoilers (Best)

This Wasn’t My Plan is a Romance and Drama manhwa that is quite popular.

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Synopsis Of This Wasn’t My Plan

This Wasn't My Plan

This is an R-12. Kim Ro-ah is the manager of the famous actor, Chen Sih-Yeon, who mistreats her. When fatigue hits due to overwork, Ro-ah gets into an accident and dies.

In her dying moment filled with revenge, she swears if she could return to the past she would trample all over Sih-Yeon to prevent him from becoming famous.

It turns out that she did return to the past, just in time before Sih-Yeon is about to make his debut. Ro-ah tries to sabotage Sih-Yeon’s career, however, her plan is not turning out as smoothly as she expects it to.

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This Wasn’t My Plan Spoilers

This Wasn't My Plan Spoilers

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Lee Yeohye (MC)

the protagonist didn’t want her status to rise from commoner to princess to crown princess to queen to final king’s seat.

Han Gyoyeon (ML)

  • He is referred to as the most devoted male lead of all time (by reviewers and readers)
  • He had trauma regarding his status since he was a child because he is from a fallen noble (his parents are traitors)
  • He was brainwashed and then joined the rebellion – He later changed his mind on the day of the rebellion
  • He tried to protect both Hyunya and Yeohye.

Shin Chunghak

One of Yeohye’s childhood friends joins forces with her to try to bring Gyoyeon down.

However, because Yeohye is transforming inside the palace, Chunghak is unable to remove her from it. Then his father assumed his spot in Yeohye’s entourage when he was gone.

Lee Hyunya

His father passed away as a result of the revolt; Yeohye thought of him as her brother but he is her cousin and the crown prince of Joseon.

Gyoyeon stabbed him as he was trying to get rid of Yeohye; he died in front of Yeohye; in actuality, his mother almost poisoned him;

Due to Yeohye’s shame, he has given up his position as a crown prince and is now a herbalist.


This story centers on Yeohye’s revenge.

She seeks vengeance from those who cruelly murdered her father, Chungwi, and brother, Hyunya, whom she mistakenly believed to be members of her family.

Her biological father is among them, as is Han Gyoyeon, who was her first love when she was a little girl.

Chunghak, Gyoyeon, Yeohye, and Hyunya are close friends. Since they were small, they have been playing together.

Yeohye and Gyoyeon at the time developed a tiny crush on one another. When he was an adult, he eventually relocated to another province but briefly returned to the community. And they have strong feelings for one another.

Su Shi gun, Yeohye’s biological father, started, though. Yehoye’s adoptive parents Chungwi and Hyunya passed away, and when she discovered that Gyoyeon was responsible for their deaths, she was transported to the palace.

She sat on an unwelcome seat and got married to Gyoyeon, who destroyed his family, because of the birth secret.

Yeohye was brutally shoved by Gyoyeon, but He held her hand through it all and ultimately passed away in her palms.

But Gyoyeon had arranged everything. In addition, Chungwi and Hyunya had to be killed, and Gyoyeon acted at Hyunya’s request to kill him after the latter had already been poisoned by the others.

Gyoyeon wanted to tell Yeohye everything, but he refrained from doing so because doing so would violate Hyunya’s final wish and cause her to pass away (by killing herself).


Yeohye didn’t acknowledge Chungwi as her father until the very end, even though he was Yeohye’s biological father.

In the end, Gyoyeon gave her a selfish and nasty gift. He surrounded her with what he had before

A guardian warrior, his final confession, the king’s seat, his reputation, etc., and buried her in his blood (making her kill him). She will always remember all of them.

Spoiler Ending

  • Our FL is clueless all the way through.
  • Her brother was not murdered by Ml. Ml advised the brother to flee because FL would not be brought to justice. The brother was poisoned when their former instructor intervened in the altercation and cut him. To end his suffering, ML killed him.
  • Through assassination, the aged father (king) passes away rather quickly. It was our ML, who is sort of like our anti-hero, who was also engaged. Our spectral knight.
  • The young girl does not affect our ML. He simply looks at our FL. He debated telling the FL the truth but ultimately opted against it. When you read his point of view, you can feel his love for her. Around ch 70+, Our FL and ML have been in love since they were young. For this also, there are chapters on his point of view.
  • Their son is a sweet little boy. (Ch 70+)
  • Despite the fact that our FL is devoted to ML, their relationship is always strangulated by their misunderstandings and attempts at retribution.
  • He wasn’t actually killed by her. She is hesitant. The one who pulls out the sword and stabs themselves is he. As she cradles him, she sobs. and acknowledges her devotion.
  • Our FL rose to the top. So it comes to a close. But in the end, she is by herself. It’s quite sad:
  • In case anyone was curious, our ML leaves the village once the FL’s real father decides to adopt him. (At this point, everything becomes political.)

Read the story without a doubt! It has less than 90 chapters and moves along quickly. I hope a Korean drama is made from it. I’ll carefully read the webcomic again.

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