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Although we frequently see the revenge trope, cliches done well are usually the best. Nano Machine is one of them.

That is why MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on Nano Machine Wiki. We will discuss everything we know about the manhwa so far.

It nearly gives you goosebumps when you witness MC fck up things for the villains that deserve it. Particularly the battles with the “larger” bad guys.

I appreciate how the storyline stays on course. His intended ending has been clear from the beginning, but with each arc, the endgame grows more significant and the stakes rise.

So, let’s start with Nano Machine Wiki on MyAnimeGuru.

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Synopsis Of Nano Machine

Nano machine wiki

An unexpected visit from his descendant from the future inserts a Nano Machine into the body of Cheon Yeo-Woon.

An orphan from the Demonic Cult who has been treated with contempt and had his life put in danger. After the Nano Machine is activated, Cheon Yeo-Woon experiences a dramatic change in his life.

The road Cheon Yeo-Woon took to defeat the Demonic Cult and rise to the position of being the Greatest Martial Artist in History has only just begun.

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Characters Info For Nano Machine Wiki

Let’s talk about characters for Nano Machine Wiki.

Cheon Yu-Jong

Cheon Yu-Jong

The father of Cheon Yeo Woon and the former Demonic Cult Lord is Cheon YuJong. He succeeded Cheon Inji as the “Southern Demon Lord” and was one of the Top Five Strongest Masters in the entire Murim.

Cheon Ma

Cheon Ma

The Heavenly Demon Ancestor, also known as Cheon Ma (real name Larisha), is the founder of the Demonic Cult and the ancestor of the Cheon Family.

He was recognized as history’s finest martial artist.

Cheon Mu-Sung

Cheon Mu-Sung

In the story, a future-born member of the Cheon Family arrives in the present to gift his ancestor Cheon Yeo Woon with a 7th-generation Nano Machine.

Cheon Inji

Cheon Inji

Former Great Demonic Cult Lord and Cheon Yeo Woon’s grandfather. Additionally, he was the last individual to pass the Demonic Academy’s sixth test, which was completed more than 70 years ago.

Mun Ku

Mun Ku

In Nano Machine, Mun Ku, pronounced “Moon Gyu,” plays the lead female role. She is Mun Yun’s granddaughter, one of the founding members of the Demonic Cult.

During their time in the Demonic Academy, she worked with Cheon Yeo Woon and will eventually become his first wife.

Abilities Of Nano Machine User

Self Healing

  • The length of time it takes to regenerate depends on the severity of the wounds. A passive ability that instantly cures any wounds or injuries sustained by the body.
  • Prevents poisoning of the body and removes poison from the body
  • Prevents the person from becoming intoxicated or illusion-induced


  • The ability to copy text and illustrations from books
  • How to determine whether someone is lying by their expression
  • The user sees martial arts and the user’s brain receives instructions on “how to use them
  • Translate several terminologies and pictograms.


  • Transferring the information to the brain will make it simple for the user to comprehend the scanned books as well as the martial arts they saw.
  • After scanning, information is transferred into the brain from the books, images, and movements that the user has watched.
  • The ability of nanomachines to rebuild and develop the body to successfully perform the transferred martial arts is known as muscle transformation transfer.

Crisis Defense Mode

  • The body is rebuilt to better use techniques and skills.
  • Eyes should be adjusted for either very bright light or darkness (night vision).
  • Maximizes the body’s physical potential and gives the user access to fight simulations.

Micron Suit (Gatelinium Nano Suit)

  • A black, gap-free, tight-fitting suit constructed of gadolinium that resembles armor (The strongest and most untraceable material in the future)
  • Collects oxygen underwater, allowing for breathing.
  • Controlling the MC’s physique and skills to engage in automatic combat
  • manner of invisibility
  • Practice mode
  • Flight mode

Reviews Of Nano Machine

Nano machine wiki

I enjoy it when revenge stories have weak heroes because you know they’ll make a mistake and have to correct it, which will lead to significant character growth.

However, this tale went far further than that. You might assume that since the main characters in revengethemed stories have been wronged, deceived, or treated cruelly, they will inevitably choose the right course of action.

But the author doesn’t mind if his main character screws up. Instead of correcting it, he chooses to live with his error and strives to get stronger to deal with the fallout from that enormous mess up.

Although you get to witness him suffer the consequences, I typically find his acts doubtful and excessively brutal.

Nano machine wiki

And I adore how every character surrounding him is also developing. They truly have distinct personalities and have developed alongside him.

Additionally, the mentors who surround him are just A++++; they keep an eye on him, offer him guidance, and show him how to improve.

Without a doubt, the artwork is stunning. Even after so many chapters, I still get a rush of satisfaction as he defeats his foes.

The anger sequences are also excellent, and it’s enjoyable to observe how effectively they portray the conflicts of the other characters as well.

Final Words

Nano machine wiki

That was all for our article on Nano Machine Wiki. We have provided all the information from the verified sources to you.

Let us know in the comments what you think and you can also follow us on social media too.


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